Tragic Loss: 5 Marines Remembered for Valor in CH-53E Helicopter Crash

Five Marines tragically lost their lives in a CH-53E helicopter crash during a routine training flight. Let’s honor their valor and explore the impact of their untimely loss.

Honoring Their Memory

Lance Cpl. Donovan Davis, Sgt. Alec Langen, Capt. Benjamin Moulton, Capt. Jack Casey, and Capt. Miguel Nava were more than just names; they were dedicated individuals with dreams, families, and communities who mourn their loss.

A Legacy of Service

Langen, driven by a lifelong dream, and Davis, inspired since childhood, joined the Marines to serve their country. Nava, a standout in academics and athletics, leaves behind a young son. Moulton’s leadership and Casey’s lifeguard service showcased their commitment to others.

Tributes and Recognition

President Joe Biden and officials nationwide have paid tribute to these fallen heroes, acknowledging their selfless service and ultimate sacrifice.

Questions and Concerns

Family members have raised concerns about the decision to fly during severe weather, prompting an ongoing investigation into the crash.

Support in Tragedy

Lt. Col. Nicholas Harvey emphasizes the squadron’s commitment to supporting grieving families during this difficult time.


The loss of these Marines reminds us of the risks our service members face daily. Let’s honor their memory by cherishing their service and supporting their families through this tragedy.

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